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Keep Moving With Us - In Private Or Group Lessons!

Keep Moving With Us - In Private Or Group Lessons!

Dancify is OPEN for all your DANCING needs - whether you're preparing for an event and would like a beautifully choreographed dance, or planning on joining the social dance scene down the road (Salsa? Swing? Argentine Tango?) Or maybe you've got a competitive spirit and would like to develop it! 

Call ahead to schedule the time for your PRIVATE lesson (Tuesday through Saturday), or join one of our fun GROUP classes. RSVP is REQUIRED to all group classes at the moment, as we are limiting them to 6 students ONLY to keep you all safe and healthy. Please, check the weekly group class schedule in our GOOGLE calendar. 

Have you heard that we teach on the beach too?! Give us a call and we can discuss the details!

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Ballroom Dance Form Of Exercise

Ballroom Dance Form Of Exercise

Ballroom Dance - the most well rounded form of exercise that exists??

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Dance AND Workout

Dance AND Workout

Dancify YOUR Body!

NEW CLASS  - Every WEDNESDAY 5:15pm and SATURDAY 12:00noon in July. RSVP!

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The Dance Of Life

The Dance Of Life

This Dance Of Life

Round and round we go

Sometimes we falter, maybe, a quick little stumble here and there

Sometimes we take a great fall.....

But, that’s okay, there’s always someone there to pick you back up and help you to get back in the flow.....

Sometimes you get to take center stage and put on your own show....

Let others pause and take in and admire the progress that you’ve made

Sometimes it’s time to take a step back

Let them have their time to shine, to bask in their own glory of what they have worked so hard....

In what they have achieved....

Sometimes you sit out for a dance or two

Remember, there’s a time to work and a time to rest

A time to play and a time to relax

When you hear your song, you know it’s your call

You get inspired to join in once again

To move along with the others

Bobbing and weaving and twisting and turning

But, always making your own way.....

You can do it on your own or work with a partner or even as a team

Freedom of expression keeps it from feeling routine.....

As long as we all have the same goal in mind, we all get our turn in the spotlight and once again to shine.....

  • Mara

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Salsa Always, Salsa Everywhere

Salsa Always, Salsa Everywhere

Read a fiery Salsa poem below and - join our fiery Zoom Salsa classes! Let's move together, laugh together and - get through this TOGETHER!

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People talking about us

A nice, easy, uncrowded place to learn how to dance. That is what I was looking for and I found it in Dancify studio.

The studio is clean, mirrored and has enough room for many couples to dance without bumping into each other.

The teacher, Alina, is very patient and will teach anyone the basics, even if you have no experience dancing whatsoever.

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Even though salsa has been a challenge to learn, Alina made me feel at ease with being a complete kindergartener when it came to dancing. She is very patient and explains what she wants you to do very well. She always seems to know how to keep me challenged and learning and equally seems to know when I need time to integrate new moves.

Alina has not only taught me dance theory and dance moves, but how to apply what I've learned in social environments. She really set me up to take what I'm learning out to the club, avoid common mistakes and have a blast.

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I highly recommend Dancify. I have never given a 5 STARS rating for anything until now. Dancify studios is where l have fun learning with Alina. I have a dancing bucket list, and ballroom dancing is next.

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