Classes we teach

big variety of dances and approaches

Group classes

This is a student first studio, so you won't find crowded classes but rather an attentive instructor who you can trust to have your best interest in mind.

(Please, refer to the google calendar for the exact monthly schedule)

Beginner Bachata

Every Wednesday night, 6:00pm

Slightly slower paced dance than Salsa, Bachata could be your perfect warm-up for the Salsa class the next day! This is a mixed level class. You'll be working on the coolest patterns and embellishments if you already dance Bachata, or figuring out and memorizing the basic footwork if you're a newbie. Can't wait to see you in this fun Latin class!

Intermediate Salsa

Every Thursday night, 6:00pm

Salsa is an incredibly popular, dynamic and exuberant dance that expresses the rhythm and joy of its distinctive Afro-Cuban music. There is sizzling Salsa dancing in clubs all over LA every night of the week.

Join this class to keep developing your Salsa skills.

Beginner Swing 

Every Monday, 6:00pm

Beginner Salsa

Every Saturday, 2:30pm and Every Monday, 7:00pm

Never done Salsa?! Or only have taken a couple classes? This is a great starting point for you, join in!

Youth dance classes

Youth Ballroom - Every Thursday (4:00 - 5:00pm) for 7-13 y.o.

The classes will improve your kid's coordination, stamina, rhythm and self-confidence in a fun and supportive group atmosphere.

Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa and Jive are some of the dances that will be taught. This is also a great way for your child to make friends while learning the art of partner dancing.

Corporate events lessons

Any occasion

For team-building events / after-work social / fitness activities / a one-time fun event.

Let Dancify design a program for your company that incorporates fitness activity, the learning of lifelong dance basics and fun group interaction in a No-Pressure, Absolute Beginners Welcome atmosphere! This is a smart way to bring co-workers together, build trust and have fun!!

Social dancing

At Dancify, we have had great success teaching groups the general “how-to’s” of social dancing or the specifics of a style (Argentine tango, West Coast Swing, Salsa, to name a few).

Flexible location

We travel right to your workplace for parties (many of our corporate clients have found that a 60-90 minute dance lesson “activity” is the best jumpstart to their party to get attendees interacting!) or for regular evening activities (once a week, once a month). Alternatively, you can host your events at our beautiful new studio in Redondo Beach.

Call or email us to discuss our ideas for your situation. And reward your employees with something different: Incorporate Dancify Studio into your next event and give your employees genuine take-home value.

Rent Dancify

Have you thought of having YOUR event at Dancify?! Call/email us to see if we are a good match!

Private classes


(Call or email to schedule - we are open most of the week, very flexible hours).

(Lessons on the BEACH are available upon request - book at least two weeks in advance)

Who you are should be magnified on the dance floor. You CAN dance. Period. If you're brave enough to walk through the door, you'll be amazed at the confidence you have walking out. Our team is here to empower you. To instill assurance in yourself, not ego. To unlock a part of you that perhaps you didn't even know existed. You don't have to be a pro to learn from one. Top quality instruction is a given, a relatable professional is a gem. 

We don't sound, look, or move the same - that's what makes life beautiful. Our goal is to create a safe space where you can be comfortably and confidently yourself. 


Whether you want to start from scratch or improve your dancing skills, learn American Smooth or Rhythm, International Standard or Latin, Social or Competitive dancing – we are here to teach you.

Just name it, we got it all - provocative Cha-Cha, flirtatious Mambo, sultry Rumba, energetic Jive, playful Swing, hot Samba, passionate Salsa, beautiful Bolero, trendy West Coast Swing, graceful Waltz, dramatic Tango, sophisticated Foxtrot, inspiring Viennese Waltz, sharp Argentine Tango and many many more! Would like to get involved into our world- contact us.


You will find our Private Dance Lesson Packages very flexible, and scheduling – even more convenient. Get on a standing appointment if you like sticking to a “routine’, or if your day-to-day life is pretty hectic and unpredictable- we’ll love working with you whenever it’s most comfortable for you.

Wedding dance lessons

Take a look at this video of Alina talking about Wedding Dance Lessons at Dancify:


Have you considered the idea of making your first dance truly memorable and so much more than just the traditional ‘3 minute shuffle’?! Learn a sensational dance routine to surprise your guests and add that finishing touch to your special day. Choose the music you want to dance to and we will do the rest!

Learn DANCE on the Beach PACKAGE

Wedding is a pretty special event. So we'd like to offer a very unique package!
Beach of YOUR choice - Hermosa, Manhattan or Redondo

1 hour, $180 (includes dance instruction; dancing on a portable floor or sand; 
picture taking; one of a kind experience)

2 hours, $350 (includes all the above, plus: you learn more; a sketch (pencil, acrylics, etc) of you two in a pose of your choice by Alina)

Book YOUR beach dancing experience at least two weeks in advance. 

- Wear layers - the weather can always change unexpectedly; 
- We reserve the right to reschedule the lesson/s if weather does not permit the scheduled lesson/s;
- Music will be played from a portable speaker;
- You are welcome to bring friends/family or a photographer along

(You can find examples of sketches in the News feed, post from April 2020)


If you only have a few days until your event, we will provide you with 2 hours’ of our instruction which will get you moving to your special music and make you feel confident on the dance floor.


This includes 5-10 private sessions to your choice of music allowing you to learn a more polished routine with a few impressive twirls and dips thrown in for effect. We will also choreograph a start and finish to the dance with a special ‘entrance’ and ‘exit’ just for you.


For a dance routine with the ‘Wow Factor’, this package is for you. We will choreograph a full routine tailored specifically to your music. It will include an ‘entrance’ and ‘exit’ that you are both comfortable with.

We will also use the music to choreograph to any musical highlights and show you both off perfectly. All packages can be tailored if required and ‘top-up’ lessons can be added too.

All of your lessons will be between you and your instructor in a fun and relaxed environment. Even if you have never danced before, we are confident that we will teach you a routine that you will both be happy with and proud of. And how about hiring us to come to your reception and teach your guests for an hour or so? We have done this before and it always goes down a storm!

And this is for your soul and inspiration:

“Fly me to the moon

  Let me sing among the stars

  Let me see what Spring is like

  On Jupiter and Mars......

  In other words......”


                  Take My Hand

Please take my hand.....

Lead me to the dance floor

I want to be with you for always

And, forever more.....

Be my partner throughout the rest of my life......

Be my husband and I’ll be your wife......

Dance with me

So that we both can see

The beauty in each other’s eyes

And, every single thing

That you and I can be.....

Rise with me.....

Fly with me.....

Ride with me, come along with me.....

It is now a time to get up, stand up and walk through a new door.....

As I travel and I soar.....

I want to join you now

I no longer want to just sit back waiting

On the edge of Life’s dance floor

I see now into a new experience, a new world

One where we can create with each other....

And, share and teach one another

One where we can both explore and unify....

With this new word, into this new world....


The one that we all like to lovingly refer to as.....


(By Larisa aka "Mara")