Dancing with South Bay Stars 2012 (Season 1)

Alina Sachs and Michael Rouse - Dancing with the South Bay Stars Season 1 (2012).
Michael, after 4 months of training in American Tango and with zero of previous dance experience, won DWTSBS Season 1!

If you love to dance and wonder what else you can do to improve your form, conditioning and confidence, Competition Dancing could be right for you! We specialize in taking our amateur students as far as they choose to go, through the many exciting levels of Competitions. Either "Pro/Am", where a student competes with an instructor as dance partner and the student is the one judged, or "Amateur", where the amateur couple competes and is judged. Our instructors act as coaches and dance competition partners for our competition students. This gives an exciting and fun focus and goal to your private lessons.

And the best part about Amateur Competition Dancing is that competition is by age and level (so, for example, a new-to-dance 55-year-old can successfully compete his/her first year of instruction!). At Dancify Studio, we have the experience and track record to take you to the Winner's Circle! In Southern California alone, you can find a competition practically every month.

Last year we participated in over ten competitions ranging from several local venues to Palm Desert, Las Vegas and Boston. Competitions take place every month somewhere exciting - for instance, in Florida, Costa Rica, New Zealand and England, just to name a few of last year's venues. If you like to compete and(or) you like to travel, talk to us about how Competition dance could work for you!