It's Wedding Season! Let's make your dance outstanding!

It's Wedding Season! Let's make your dance outstanding!


Have you considered the idea of making your first dance truly memorable and so much more than just the traditional ‘3 minute shuffle’?! Learn a sensational dance routine to surprise your guests and add that finishing touch to your special day. Choose the music you want to dance to and we will do the rest!


If you only have a few days until your event, we will provide you with 2 hours’ of our instruction which will get you moving to your special music and make you feel confident on the dance floor.


This includes 5-10 private sessions to your choice of music allowing you to learn a more polished routine with a few impressive twirls and dips thrown in for effect. We will also choreograph a start and finish to the dance with a special ‘entrance’ and ‘exit’ just for you.


For a dance routine with the ‘Wow Factor’, this package is for you. We will choreograph a full routine tailored specifically to your music. It will include an ‘entrance’ and ‘exit’ that you are both comfortable with. We will also use the music to choreograph to any musical highlights and show you both off perfectly. All packages can be tailored if required and ‘top-up’ lessons can be added too. If you have an area large enough at your home, a local venue or even time at your wedding venue, then we can come to you. Alternatively you are welcome to visit us at our location in Redondo Beach, CA. All of your lessons will be between you and your instructor in a fun and relaxed environment. Even if you have never danced before, we are confident that we will teach you a routine that you will both be happy with and proud of. And how about hiring us to come to your reception and teach your guests for an hour or so? We have done this before and it always goes down a storm!