Planning YOUR wedding in advance? Do so with YOUR FIRST DANCE too

Planning YOUR wedding in advance? Do so with YOUR FIRST DANCE  too

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, 
This message is mostly relevant to the ones of you who are thinking of getting married at some point or maybe very soon. 

Since we work with COUPLES every single day (yes, DANCE THERAPY is the best), we always try to refine our approach, make it the most efficient and productive in terms of prepping them for what could be one of the most important days of their lives. And here's my point for today, I'll ask you to answer the following question: how long do you give yourselves to plan out the wedding? Can you plan it in 2 weeks, or maybe 2 days? If some of you answered "yes" to two weeks, that's fine, these situations happen. It's life. 
But don't you wish you weren't in a huge rush and had a lot of time (months - years?) to outline all the beautiful little details of this very special day? Now, the same goes for your FIRST DANCE: sure, you can learn something in a couple weeks, but will the result be exactly how you pictured yourselves dancing in your DREAMS? The answer is: far from it. Give yourselves time (as well as us to work with you!) and start early in all of your wedding dance preparations! You'll end up with the dance of your dreams (guaranteed!) and your dear friends and relatives will keep it in their hearts forever. What a smooth way to sail into your marriage! 

This is just a recent observation by me, Alina Sachs. I feel personally responsible for each and every couple that walks through our doors. And my job is to make them into a magnificent dancing couple no matter the circumstances. The abundance vs lack of time makes a tremendous difference, and I'm not even talking about years of dance experience, not at all. One/two hours spent on learning the dance routine vs five/ten hours (at least) is something that will reflect not just on your dance but on your lives as well (positively, of course!)

Our studio IS open 6 days a week for scheduling, but it does happen sometimes (due to travel, competitions, busy season, holidays) that you cannot get an appointment  for 2-3 weeks, and there goes your "last minute" first dance. We would love to help you avoid unfortunate situations like that as much as we can. So, plan ahead and give us a call maybe even before you sent out all your invitations!

See you on the dance floor!