The Best Energy Boosters - Specially For You, Dancers!

The Best Energy Boosters - Specially For You, Dancers!

I'm definitely a tea and coffee person (give me more of both, please!) My local Starbucks people always have a BIG smile on their faces when I show up there at 6:00pm for a LATTE:) Well, I have to keep teaching till 9:00 or 10:00pm ... I do realize the downside of drinking too much coffee, of course. That's why started looking into more healthy options (not giving up coffee just yet though!), and found them! Here you go:

The Best Energy Boosters:

1. Hard-boiled Egg
2. Apple slices topped with peanut butter
3. Plain full-fat Greek yogurt (with a little honey or stevia, topped with berries)
4. A handful of nuts
5. Guacamole or hummus (with cut veggies or whole grain crackers for dipping)
6. Celery topped with almond butter 
7. Turkey roll-up: a slice of cheese rolled into a piece of turkey wrapped in a lettuce leaf
8. Almond flour pancakes (make ahead of time and skip the syrup; they're portable!)
9. Cucumber and cream cheese pita pocket

Hope all of these can make us dance more and BETTER!