Salsa Always, Salsa Everywhere

Salsa Always, Salsa Everywhere

Read a fiery Salsa poem below and - join our fiery Zoom Salsa classes! Let's move together, laugh together and - get through this TOGETHER!

Vivir Mi Vida.....

A Day in the Life of Salsa.....

I wanna sing, I wanna dance

I wanna live and I wanna laugh

I wanna play to my heart’s desire

Follow my dreams with a passion like fire

It’s hot and it’s sexy

It’s bold and it’s flirty

It’s fun and it’s spicy

It’s the life that I’m leading

With each new step in each new day

I know that life is short and that the time is now.....

To move with excitement

To seize the day

To live my life fully

Before my final bow....

(Larisa aka Mara)